The Odyssey Circle Business Directory

Our much anticipated Odyssey Circle Business Directory is now accepting applications!


We're looking for career coaches, designers, international translators, specialty lawyers, doctors, business coaches,  national and global relocation services, vacation realtors, grant writers, technical resume designers, ghost writers, tax lawyers and much more!

Our members-only directory will allow Corporate Sponsors and other members to view and do business with each other.

Each qualified business will receive its own individual landing page with a picture, detailed description, company information and references. The directory is searchable by category and updated monthly.


There are (2) types of business directory listings: General and Gold Circle.  There is no additional cost for a Gold Circle listing; your business qualifies based on your credentials.


To be accepted into the Directory you must meet the criteria, as well as provide verifiable references and credentials. 


To view criteria and apply, click here.