Doing Business with Odyssey

20 Years ago, Odyssey Media CEO Linda Spradley Dunn left IBM, and started several companies. The varied experiences eventually led her to create Odyssey Media, a safe environment for like-minded multicultural women to network, travel, share, and brush up on their skill-sets.

Along the way Dunn and her team have cultivated a database thousands of women strong, who regularly connect with us online, attend our events, and or subscribe to our magazine.

Particularly noteworthy are our partnerships with powerhouse corporations like Prudential Financial, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, AARP, Life Reimagined, Starbucks, Intel, MARS Chocolate USA, United Airlines, Comcast · NBC· Universal, Ernst & Young and many others.

We provide products and services for both consumers and Fortune 500 corporations. Odyssey Women© (our individual clients) and Odyssey B2B©(our Fortune 500 Clients).

Our Odyssey B2B© portfolio of products and services include Retention and Talent Management Programs, Branding and Education, Research, Product Placement, Local, Regional, National and International Events.

Our Results

We introduce our women to Fortune 500 corporate partners who want to do business with them as employees, suppliers, and community advocates.

In addition, we design exclusive research, integrated digital products, business and social experiences, tailor-made for Odyssey Women

Our business retreat and events are focused on professional and personal development. However, corporations realize we offer some of the best “live labs” in the industry. Throughout the years we have delivered some impressive results:


Proven Results

• Over 100 million invested in Financial Institutions

• Assisted with 10 Product Launches

• Over 150 Luxury Cars sold

• Over 6 million in High-End Fashion

• Numerous research & product studies


2015 Strategic Partners

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